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The Best Holiday

pie shell
I used to go to an “orphans” Thanksgiving, but the following day my husband and I would find ourselves in our kitchen, cooking the dinner we’d missed cooking the day before. Now we do Thanksgiving at our house. Yesterday I started baking at 7 a.m., and finally sat down to eat with friends and family around 5. That’s my idea of a great day.

IMG_9481I baked a sweet potato pie this year. Riffing on Marion Cunningham’s Fanny Farmers Baking Book, I flavored the mashed, roasted potato with fresh ginger, lime zest, a bit of spicy Thai chile, and made the custard with a combination of coconut milk, heavy cream and farm-fresh eggs. I also made an apple tart, which I glazed after baking with homemade wine berry jelly. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Cranbellinis


Looking through photos of Thanksgiving brings back great memories. One year we made “cranbellinis” from homemade cranberry syrup and Cristolino cava.

rutabaga stuffing

Roasted rutabagas and turnips were on the menu that same year. Bread stuffing is on the menu every year. Here it is, topped with butter, ready for baking. Continue reading

Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

turnipsThanksgiving’s less than a week away, and last night I started thinking about the menu. Mashed potatoes were first on the list. A parade of starchy fall and green vegetables passed through my mind, and I started thinking about texture. How to vary the tastes, textures and shapes… Baby turnips… Tender baby turnips cut lengthwise so they look like hearts, and sautéed in a cast iron pan until caramelized. There’s a pleasing fresh, watery, crunch in a baby turnip cooked this way. Continue reading