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Let’s Get (Meta)Physical

Johnes forum

The world needs more philosophers and less philanderers, more oracles and less oligarchs. If you agree with this, then the Philosophical Forums in Connecticut has a two-day event designed just for you at the Kasbah Garden Café in New Haven this weekend called “Metaphysics in Art, Architecture, Poetry and Science.”

The forum will combine discussion and readings with formal presentations by scholars like Julianne Davidow (author of Outer Beauty, Inner Joy: Contemplating the Soul of the Renaissance), Scott Olsen (author of The Golden Section : Nature’s Greatest Secret), Kathleen Damiani, Steve Bass, Dee Rapposelli, and artists Ebenezer Sunder Singh and Don Axleroad.

Other participants include:
Ray Coutant
, filmmaker & Philosopher, PhD.Communications, Bear, Delaware
Prof. Robert J. Cuneo MFA, arts educator, University of Bridgeport (retired) 
Christine V. Miller,
Magda Mraz
, educator & artist of large allegories, student of Spiral Dynamics , originally from the Czech Republic;
Mariellen Champdelaine, artist
Maxwell Clark, artist & essayist, New Haven.

For more information, contact the forum’s organizer, the tireless Johnes Ruta, independent curator and art director of the New Haven Public Library’s Azoth Gallery. His email is azothgallery@comcast.net

For more details on the forum, go to http://AzothGallery.com/ 

Yale Art Gallery and Lunch

dosaIf you haven’t been the Yale Art Gallery, put it on your list. Last week I took visiting family there. We ambled through the galleries, and took in two current exhibitions that could not be more different from one another, small, cerebral minimalist works from the Vogel collection and bold, cartoony Red Grooms murals of artists.

Afterwards, we went for lunch at Thali Too, the vegetarian Indian restaurant. Our waiter recommended the Pagoda. It’s like a delicious vegan eggplant parmesan. Rounds of grilled eggplant sandwich soft tofu. A moat of deeply spiced tomato-honey sauce circled the eggplant. And there was sautéed spinach beneath the eggplant. Deep-fried okra shards garnished the top. It was a great dish to share, warm and comforting, and lively. Continue reading

Michael Bolton Needs to Button His Shirt


Following the publication of his autobiography last year, and his pirate captain persona on Andy Samberg Saturday Night Live shorts, how does the world see notable New Haven native and pop culture punchline Michael Bolton these days?

Well, here’s a press release from a prestigious gig he’s bagged for this December in Switzerland. Continue reading


New Lucius Song “Hey Doreen,” Free Show at BAR Aug. 7

Those girls and boys known as Lucius, with their big pop sound and coordinated outfits, return to Connecticut once again on Aug. 7 for a free Manic Productions show at BAR. They just announced the release date for their debut full-length Wildewoman, out Oct. 15 on Mom+Pop. Check out “Hey Doreen,” a new song from the forthcoming release, below.