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Anne Frank

Good things are happening in Torrington. Yes, Torrington. The often, and unfairly, maligned city’s downtown is slowly, inexorably being transformed by the arts. Besides the Warner Theatre and its various manifestations (Center for Arts Education, live simulcasts of opera, dance, plays, concerts, etc.), there’s the Artwell Gallery, now in a handsome new home, the Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts and several other arts organizations.

One of the latter, the Connecticut Academy for the Arts (CAFTA), is currently staging an interesting, homegrown musical theatrical production-in-progress based on the life and thought of Anne Frank. Anne is produced, written and directed by Teresa Graham-Sullivan, founding executive director of CAFTA, with original music by Mark Papallo. Right now, the work is not open to the public though parts of it are being previewed for select audiences. However, keep an eye on this production as it moves toward its public unveiling (with a possible full world premiere to take place next spring at Bergen Belsen in Germany).

Papallo told me, Anne is “a work in progress. And, though the story of Anne Frank has been told many times before, we believe it has never been attempted in this manner, which is to focus on Anne’s beliefs and convictions and very prescient observations as to the nature of humanity. It may be the most significant work I’ve ever taken on.”

CAFTA, 69 Main Street, Torrington, 860-201-5706