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Thank You, Bart


During the eight-year reign of Bush the Dumber, only a few things stood between us and complete and paralyzing despair. David Rees’ Get Your War On comic strip, Steve Gilliard’s News Blog (, Media Whores Online ( and Digby’s Hullabaloo spring readily to mind. Rees’ strip is no more (it served its purpose), Gilliard is dead, Media Whores disappeared into the ether but, thankfully, Digby is still plugging away. Here’s a link to her indispensable blog:

Now we have to add one more to the loss column: Bartcop. This may be the biggest loss of all. Bartcop, the longest running political satire site on the web, was an inspiration, if not a template, for hundreds of other progressive blogs that came in its wake. “Bart,” whose real name was Terry Coppage, died last week after a many-year battle with leukemia. Somehow, day in and day out, week in and week out for nearly 20 years, from his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Bart kept the hammer going, skewering the pompous lying bastards in Washington and the corporate media that enabled them. He took particular glee in savaging Bush, whom he memorably nicknamed The Murder Monkey, and “Darth” Cheney, and the caricatures of both that appeared on Bartcop were delightfully inflammatory.

Bart the man and Bartcop the website were like anchors in the constantly shifting currents of the Internet. There was no one else as fearless. Just knowing he was out there, even if you didn’t check the site every day or even every week, was as consoling as knowing that that Grand Canyon and Big Sur were out there, though you hadn’t laid eyes on them.

Here’s a link to Bartcop’s site. Check Bart’s “Last Word” and then explore the back issues. You have hours of fun ahead of you.


OSU Marching Band’s Michael Jackson Tribute is Ridic

Have you seen this yet? Ohio State University’s marching band is apparently pretty amazing and ridiculous, and their Michael Jackson field show tribute was so incredible it brought this former high school marching band member to tears. Seriously. Part of being in marching band is never really knowing what the whole field show looks like. I hope these guys got to watch their own performance with buckets of popcorn and kegs of beer because it’s fucking fantastic. Hi-5s all around.

Happy Friday, Now Laugh at NYC Cops vs. Skateboarders … to Yakety Sax

The week is almost over. You need some laughs. We all need some laughs. So there's this:



Police try to stop and arrest skateboarders during an annual eight mile skateboard race through the City, or something. It doesn’t really matter, all you need to know is it’s funny and you should watch it. Pronto.


A Connecticut Mother Starts Petition Asking Stop & Shop to Pull Barilla Products

By now you’re probably aware of what the CEO of Barilla Pasta said about his company’s future use of gay families in their ads (as in, not gonna happen). Later he tried to backtrack and say he was just trying to stress the importance of the role a woman plays in the family, which by that logic means he should be all about lesbian couples. But whatever.

Many of us (myself included) are inclined to speak with our wallets and refuse to buy Barilla products going forward. While I don’t know exactly where my money goes when I purchase everything I buy, I do avoid buying brands who’ve shown they’re more interested in being asshats than realizing that money isn’t gay or straight, or religiously-affiliated, or atheist, or anything else but money we’d like to exchange for your product that you’re in the business of selling, thank you very much. So I probably won’t be buying Barilla pasta again. The Internet has, of course, responded in other ways besides declaring outrage and starting petitions.

Linda Ferraro, a mother from Shelton, has started a petition at urging Stop & Shop to stop carrying Barilla products. Continue reading


Lyme Public Library Has a Cat … Who Tweets

Mental Floss posted a list of 10 cats who live at a library today, and of course I had to click on it. There’s something fantastical about a cat who gets to live out it’s awesome cat life in a library. I was a bit surprised to find Connecticut library cats on this list, twice. Prudence and Annie, two cats who lived at the James Blackstone Memorial Library in Branford from 1978-1988, can be seen here on the Library’s Facebook page. But it’s Emma, the reigning “queen” of the Lyme Public Library who really caught my fancy. Apparently Emma is an avid tweeter, and we should be paying attention to her thoughts. After all, cats are both always right and never wrong. And this one lives with books, so she’s probably super smart. Follow Emma at @EmmaLymePLCat.


Want a ‘Dredd’ Sequel? Today’s the Day to Make it Happen

The Judge Dredd movie reboot probably passed most of you by. I’m not familiar with the comics or the Stallone movie from 1995 (apparently widely regarded as “awful,” says my boyfriend and the Internet). My boyfriend took a gamble with an hour and a half of his time and watched DREDD, the movie reboot released last year starring Karl Urban, as it had appeared on Netflix recently. Later that same night I was watching it with him, because he was so excited about it he had to see it again as soon as possible. …And I loved it.

He’s paid more attention to this stuff than I have, and tells me the movie wasn’t marketed very well at all, and it’s probably pretty likely that fans of the comic and people who’d suffered through Stallone’s version were quite likely to pass over this movie without a second thought. I’m asking you to reconsider, and maybe even to petition the Academy to add an Oscar for best acting with the bottom half of ones face, and best scowl. Karl Urban deserves an award for this flick.

If you’ve paid attention to weird Internet things over the last couple years, you’ll recognize the slowed-down-a-zillion-percent Justin Bieber tune (or something sounding exactly like it?) used during parts of the movie. It might sound dumb, but it actually works. Don’t hate.

So fans of the movie and anyone else interested in seeing that a sequel to the reboot is given real consideration and might actually happen are asking anyone and everyone to watch DREDD on Netflix, go buy the DVD, or do whatever else you can to promote the movie today, Sept. 18, so the powers that be take notice that we fuckin’ love it, and listen to us, as they know they should.

Baby Safety Month: Only Keep Babies Safe During September

So a press release just informed me that September is National Baby Safety Month, which is so ridiculous and weird. Aren’t symbolic national awareness months supposed to be for things people don’t regularly think about? Like a reminder? I’m not saying everyone is constantly thinking about if this or that is safe for babies, but babies are pretty much the one thing that nearly all of us agree should be kept as safe as possible, and it’s not hard to identify things that could be unsafe for babies. And we have a pretty good handle on what’s safe and what’s not. At least in my opinion (note: I do not have human children, but I do know how to keep one alive and healthy).

A Google image search for "Baby Safety Month" turned up a bunch of naked pictures of other people's kids, so here's a picture of a chainsaw, which I hope is specifically classified as unsafe this month. Because how would we know?

A Google image search for “Baby Safety Month” turned up a bunch of naked pictures of other people’s kids, so here’s a picture of a chainsaw, which I hope is specifically classified as unsafe this month. Because how would we know?


Embrace Your Inner 12-Year-Old Self with the Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator

After laughing so hard I was both wheezing and sobbing, I’ve composed myself enough to pass this on: the Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator.

Here are some naming options our parents totally missed out on:

Rinkydink Curdlesnoot

Crumplesack Capncrunch

Bentobox Crucifix

Bulbasaur Snugglesnatch

and my favorite so far, Bendydick Cheddarcheese.

Brb, I need to continue laughing so hard I might pass out.

Can you tell?

Hot Dog Legs, the Only Tumblr Summer Will Ever Need

So, you know those stupid Instagram/Twitter/Facebook pictures almost entirely posted by chicks, of their legs at the beach? Photos taken while lounging on a towel, typically captioned with something like “I could get used to this,” or “This is the life” or something else ridiculous?

Now someone has decided to mess with our heads and ask us to discern if these photos are of legs, or hot dogs, over at Hot Dog Legs. It’s wicked hard to tell. I’m not sure if I want them to be the legs of girls I’d probably hate, or hot dogs I’d definitely eat. Enjoy the weirdness.