Taste of Stamford


Last night’s Taste of Stamford offered more than just tastes of Stamford’s restaurants. Capriccio Cafe served a light, refreshing seafood salad.  And crispy, creamy crabcakes.

Bar Rosso offered  beef carpaccio, showered with refreshing micro greens.


Morton’s sliced up steak.


David’s Soundview Catering gave a sample of the interactive stations that are so popular at parties today. He created a taco bar, with a choice of sauteed shrimp or cilantro chicken.

davids soundview catering


They filled a soft corn tortilla, and then we added own toppings, chopped red onion, tomato, guacamole, salsa, or cheese. David gets my award for best presentation.

It’s funny. I don’t have photos of my absolute favorite dishes.  That’s probably because I was enjoying them so much!

My hands-down favorite dish, was from Olio. (It was last year too.)  Housemade cavatelli bolognese.  Ah, it was more than “just pasta.” The sauce just had “it,” those melded flavors of meat, broth, tomato, cream, herbs, and it draped the soft cavatelli. And then they squirted basil oil on it and topped the pasta with sprigs of fresh arugula. When my friends arrived, I wanted them to try Olio first.  (But they were tempted by so many other stations.)

I also enjoyed the pasta from Columbus Park Trattoria. It was very different from the cavatelli Bolognese.  Columbus Park’s pasta was silky. There was a silkiness to the mushrooms, the sauce and the pasta, and it was seasoned just right.

Tabouli Grill’s meatball’s reminded me why I’ve always loved the food at these Medeterranean restaurants in Stamford and Soutport.  The meatballs were so soft, moist and imbued with spice, I had to ask what kind of meat it was. Turkey. I was even more impressed. Thank you, Chef Judy.

For dessert, well, by the time I was ready for dessert, Morton’s chocolate mousse was gone. Volta’s gelato more than made up for the disappointment. I got half hazelnut and half chocolate. They were deeply flavored, rich and creamy. A friend asked me what’s the difference between ice cream and gelato. I found myself mumbling, “I think it has less fat but it’s creamier and it tastes better.”  So, I asked the guys at Volta’s station what the difference was. Stumped for a moment, they spoke in Italian among themselves, then said, “It’s fresh, it’s got more flavor, it’s made with cream, not with powder.”

I was soon so full that I did not have room to try beef brisket barbecue from Dinosaur BBQ or Peruvian food from Fiesta Atlantic.  Or any of the other more than a dozen stations.