Connecticut Republicans Should be Rooting For Broncos In The Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl isn’t normally thought of as a politically partisan event, but this state’s GOP probably should be pulling for the Denver Broncos on Feb. 2 if they want to defeat Democrat Dannel Malloy in November.

The reason is that the Broncos are a team from the NFL’s American Football Conference. Connecticut Republican gubernatorial candidates almost always lose when a team from the NFC wins the Super Bowl.

Only once in the past nine elections for Connecticut’s governor has the GOP pulled off a victory when the AFC loses.

That one victory came in 1994, when a Republican dude named John G. Rowland won a rather odd three-way campaign. (Given the fact that Rowland eventually ended up in prison for crimes committed in office, Republicans may not want to repeat that particular exception to Connecticut’s Super Bowl Gubernatorial Rule.)

Here’s the list of gubernatorial winners in Connecticut since 1976 and who won the Super Bowl that year:

– 1976: Democrat Ella T. Grasso – Dallas Cowboys (NFC team).

– 1982: Democrat William O’Neill – San Francisco 49ers (NFC).

– 1986: Democrat William O’Neill – Chicago Bears (NFC).

– 1990: Independent Lowell P. Weicker – San Francisco 49ers (NFC).

– 1994: Republican John G. Rowland – Dallas Cowboys (NFC).

– 1998: Republican John G. Rowland – Denver Broncos (AFC).

– 2002: Republican John G. Rowland – New England Patriots (AFC).

– 2006: Republican M. Jodi Rell – Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC).

– 2010: Democrat Dannel Malloy – New Orleans Saints (NFC).

So maybe you Connecticut Republicans better start buying up Broncos shirts and banners right now.

  • Joe Visconti

    Well as a GOP Candidate for Governor this guy will be rooting for Peyton and the Bronco’s even though the Patriots took a walloping from them on Sunday. Malloy’s history no matter who wins because he’s driven the State out of the ditch into oncoming traffic heading in the wrong direction. Visit Broncos by 12