Slow Cooker

Year-Round Slow Cooker Cover

I’ve never used a slow cooker, but Dina Cheney is tempting me.  In “Year Round Slow Cooker: 100 Favorite Recipes,” Dina has brought slow cooking up to date, creating colorful and flavorful recipes like apricot chicken with carrots, and brisket with red wine, pomengrante sauce and caramelized onions. I’m intrigued by the brisket recipe. The ingredients include pomegrante molasses, mustard, coriander, red wine and orange juice, and I can imagine what a flavorful sauce will be created, and how it will coat the soft, slow-cooked beef.  The recipe also tells how to adapt it to a regular oven. (I’m going to do that!)

The book was published by Tauton Press, which has the brisket recipe on their Fine Cooking site.  And here’s a link to buy the book, a great Christmas present, on Amazon: