Enough Food


I’m still recovering from eating way too much at Thanksgiving, and in the ensuing days, feeding house guests leftovers, reinvented. Too much food has left me wanting soup. Three days after Thanksgiving, I used left-over mashed potatoes to make a water-based leek and potato soup. A cup of warm soup and two toasted slices of baguette was enough even for the men that night. No one went back for seconds. As we took a visitor on a tour of Fairfield County’s specialty food shops, we found ourselves hungry. We stopped in to Los Poblanos in Norwalk, where I ordered the chicken tortilla soup. It was just what I needed – homemade chicken broth with thin strips of tortilla and a slice of avocado. It was loaded with chicken, as well, but I couldn’t make a dent in it. And tonight I’m making garlic soup, a water-based soup that the French rightly consider a tonic.