A Crowded, Realistic-Looking Life With Archie


A new gay central character, a movie in the works, tie-ins with the show Glee and the band Kiss, a whole magazine where the Riverdale gang are mature adults… there’s no shame in being a grown-up Archie fan anymore.

Not that I ever felt there was. I’m a lifelong Archie comics reader, a passion I’ve now passed down to my darling daughters. But it’s nice to have forums now where you can talk about Archie as animatedly as you do about Animal Man or Love & Rockets.

The new adventuresomeness in the Archie realm has yielded some wonderful alternate covers for some of the publisher’s most popular titles. The aforementioned young-adult title, Life With Archie sports the magnificent alt-cover shown above, devised by artist Phil Jimenez and depicting realistic versions of dozens of denizens of the extensive Archie universe.

I nailed the names of nearly every one in it, and my daughters corrected me on the rest. Archie Comics provides a key to the illo here.